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“Music expresses what I simply cannot.”

–         John O’Callaghan

It can be believed that people connect with music in a way that sometimes can’t be expressed. From the feeling of a song, to the lyrical content, a person’s engagement with a song can become one of the most powerful experiences. The theme of these photographs is to show the relationship between a person and music through the person’s visual reaction to the song. The purpose of this project is to show the power of music and how a person interacts with the song “These Four Words” by The Maine, whose lyrics are posted beside the piece. This song was chosen because it is one that is easy to connect with, and can be relatable in some respect to whomever listens. The beauty of music is that no matter what the story is or the original intentions for writing it, every person listening will bring their own reactions, life stories, and experiences. The song will mean something different to every person that listens, and the magnificence of music, is watching how people interact with it. Each of these photos are displayed in a grid of rows and columns according to the variance of emotion displayed on each individual’s face as they listen to the song. These photos are Polaroid sized  in order to reference the “instant” a person’s face reacts to a moment of a song, much like taking pictures with Polaroid cameras instantly provide a visual of the moment you just captured.

Chelsea Wood, 2014

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