Here is my screen printed poster for The Vegabonds. I used personal photos and their established logo. 
Here's the poster I did for Skyhook. I used watercolors to paint the background, then screenprinted their logo, and then ran it through the printer with their edited photograph.
Here's the poster for Heroes Make Villians. I designed the background digitally with personal photographs and brushes, then screen printed the red swatches and their name.
This poster was posted by the band on their Instagram as well as their Twitter, and was retweeted from me by the band and two of their members. 
Here is the poster for Radio Drive By. I screenprinted the background, then ran it through the printer with their logo and the edited dashboard photograph.
Here is the poster for An Honest Year. They have an established logo (the shapes with color) but for the purposes of this poster design, I added personal photographs into the logo, and behind their name. I then screen printed the yellow on top of both sets of photographs.
Here's a Bauhaus inspired poster for This Century. It's advertising their new album that just came out. (The heart logo in the bottom is the cover of the album.) I printed the black portions first, then screen printed the red, the ran it through again to get the band image.
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