This was a commission from a friend who wanted a BTS themed holiday card. She had a rough idea of what she wanted; all of BTS sitting cozy in a living room with a fireplace and giant window showing snow, while they were doing various holiday/winter activities. From there, I started sketching out and planning what the room would look like so all of the elements she wanted could be included. I’ve always struggled with creating backgrounds and getting proper angles and scale in illustrations. I used the app Room Planner to help me layout the room I envisioned mentally and used it as a reference to draw. The beauty of that app is the capability to view a layout from different angles which allowed me to capture the room from the vantage point I wanted. 
After gaining approval for the overall room layout and my vision for where everyone would be sitting and what they’d be doing, I got to work on illustrating everyone. I worked with my friend along the way as she would have ideas or detail elements she wanted to include. 
This piece is by far the most complex illustration I’ve ever created, but it was incredibly fun to make and it helped grow my abilities. It’s made me more confident in tackling more complex illustrations in the future.
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