This is a promo piece I created for The Maine's upcoming Modern Nostalgia tour in which they'll play their albums American Candy and Lovely Little Lonely in their entireties. Since both album cycles had a distinct visual aesthetic, I took elements from both albums to create this.
From American Candy I used the white frame from the cover, the text style from the album cover, and the photos do each of them that can be used to customize the cover on the vinyl copies of the album.
From Lovely Little Lonely, I used the red colors and flower/rose aesthetic to create the background as well as the script writing for the album name, used only in promos and the binding of the album.. Since the cover of American Candy shows a closeup of a girl blowing bubblegum, to pay tribute to that I used roses instead a la Paul McCartney on the cover of Red Rose Speedway. 
This piece was created to promote The Maine's new music video for their song, "Taxi". I used one of the behind the scenes photos from the video and used that as a reference to create a more minimalistic illustration. In the video there's a hazy almost dream-like sequence so I used the feel of that to inspire the psychedelic styled background. The background color scheme is based off their suits, but changed slightly so the illustrations didn't blend in.
This was created for the 50th anniversary of the release of Sgt. Peoper's Lonely Hearts Club Band by The Beatles. I used one of the photos from that album as a reference. The verbiage is a play off the opening lyric from the opening track that says, "It was 20 years ago today...". For the lettering style, I looked at the drumhead on the cover of the album as well as the ornamentation to create the lettering here.
This song has become the "October 3rd" (a la Mean Girls) of The Maine's fanbase as the opening lyric starts with "December 1st" and every December is greeted with lyrics from this song. The illustration was created based on the music video for the song "Ho Ho Hopefully".
This piece I created for the new single and EP of the same name by Beach Weather. I used clips from the music video as references and the color scheme came from both the music video and the EP cover art.
I created this piece for fun and just as a way to celebrate a label of bands that have come to mean more than 4 numbers to me and many of the friends I've made through going to see these bands live. I used various band photos of each band as references and picked a color scheme that reflected or reminded me of Arizona as that's where these bands are primarily based.
This was a piece I created to celebrate McFly's 13th year as a band using a lyric from their song "The Heart Never Lies". 
This is a quote and illustration from one of my favorite 80s movies, The Blues Brothers. I used a promo shot from the movie as a reference and overlayed the quote.
This is a quote and illustration from Ferris Bueller's Day Off using part of one of the most famous quotes from the film. 
This is a quote and illustration from The Breakfast Club. I used one of the promo shots as a reference and used a section from the letter written at the end of the movie that seemed to best represent the overall theme of breaking stereotypes and not being who you're expected to be. 
This piece was created to celebrate and promote The Technicolors single and EP of the same name. The cover is an illustration of an astronaut on the moon and has a space theme throughout. Using that, I created an illustration using one of the bands promo shots as a reference, and illustrated them on the moon. The type treatment is based on the look of their logo at the time. 
I did this illustration for fun and it submitted it to Local Wolves for a feature they were doing on John the Ghost. John the Ghost is a side project of John O'Callaghan's, lead singer of The Maine. My illustration, along with a couple others, were published in their June 2016 issue. Local Wolves also used my image to promote that story/newest issue on Twitter which was retweeted by The Maine. I had given the band a printed card of this illustration which they posted on their Snapchat the following week. 
This is a piece I did for fun to promote The Maine's newest single release/music video for their song "Am I Pretty?". I used a clip from the video as a reference for the drawing and used the blue theme established, to create the whimsical background. I had given the band a print out card of this illustration along with another piece and they posted it on their Snapchat the following week.
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