The marketing team for Asking Alexandria reached out to me asking if I would create a reinterpretation of their album cover, Like A House On Fire, that they could post across social media to hype up it's upcoming release. Below is the album cover image I was given to use for interpretation. 
In my research on how I could interpret the image, I discovered the images collaged on the cover are from a famous tarot card deck, the Rider Waite deck. Once I had that information, I wanted to model my interpretation to look like a tarot card. So I researched several illustrated tarot decks to give inspiration to how I could potentially lay out the design. I made sure to include each card represented on the original cover, and found a way to create an ornate border to house each card element. The way I chose my primary image in the center was by looking through the merch the band had released for preorder in coordination with the album, and looked to see which images were used most often and chose from there. Below is my interpretation along with the process video. 
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