This was a fun animation I created as part of The Maine's street team to help promote the band's new single, "Sticky". The type used for "sticky" and "The Maine" were used in the title cards for the music video to introduce the song. The pink and yellow colors were part of that branding as well, so I wanted the animation to tie into the existing branding. Throughout the course of the video, each of the band members are covered in various things that are sticky; ranging from honey, to googly eyes, to cling wrap. With the honey being an element that each of the members had poured on them in the music video, and something a lot of the fanbase had decided to do themselves to help promote the single, I wanted to animate this illustration by having honey poured across the word "sticky" as well as each of the members to reflect back on the music video. Below is the music video where you can see the original source of inspiration and how I interpreted it for promotional purposes.
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